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Bioacoustics application laboratory

The open calibration and acoustic measurement tank is an infrastructure dedicated to predicting the multi-path structure of the acoustic field created by a point source in the ocean. The aim is to simulate the acoustic environment of a source, considering it as an active system. These simulations help to better understand the location and classification processes, and their degradation in the face of high levels of ambient noise.

You will find our Price list here. If the service requires preparation or any additional service that is not priced, it will be billed separately. Contact us for any questions you may have or to hire our services.



Prices (IVA not included)

Infrastructure acess

950  € / day


  • Lubell LL-916C transducer (200 Hz - 23 kHz / 180 dB @ 1 kHz)
  • Lubell LL-1424HP transducer (200 Hz - 9 kHz / 197 dB @ 600 Hz)
  • Ocean Sonics icListen digital hydrophone
  • RS Aqua Porpoise digital hydrophone
  • Geospectrum M20-105 particle motion sensor
  • B & K 8106 measurement hydrophone
  • B & K 8104 hydrophone